What is Kino Kabaret?

KINO KABARET was founded in 1999 in Montreal, Canada, by Christian Laurence and some friends. “Do well with nothing, do better with little and do it right NOW!” This is our motto. By now there are 121 physical chapters around the world and The Netherlands is part of it. Welcome to KinooniK Holland.

KinoKabaret is a film movement that strives to make short films with little to no budget. We do this by putting together a small team and filming in a non-competitive collaborative environment with other filmmakers. There are now many Kino groups around the world. These groups are also called cells. Many of these cells have a monthly film screening where fellow filmmakers show their films and can ask for help on their projects.

All these Kino cells have an annual KinoKabaret. The KinoKabaret can also be called a film camp. During a KinoKabaret you do everything together. You share in success and in "failure". You cry, laugh, eat, sleep, shoot, write and clean with each other. Therefore, the key word is: "together". At this place, amateur and professional filmmakers come together to make collaborative films in a VERY short time and then screen them. Some of these films have been submitted to various film festivals around the world and have therefore won prizes.

KinoKabaret encourages participants to learn about the craftsmanship of making films by making films. Kino offers filmmakers of all levels and backgrounds the skills and experience to make film with a supportive network, as well as the opportunity to showcase the work to a large audience. Do you have a script, but no crew? Do you want to direct, act, help behind the camera, take care of costumes or props, do you have affinity with make-up, hair or costumes, are you good with sound or do you like to make the film score or are you an editor and / or post production hero or do you just want to learn this? If yes, then KinoKabaret is the place for you. Come and create with other makers from all over the world.